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Celebrate Frederick: Garden Descriptions

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Garden Descriptions

Saturday, May 18 & Sunday, May 19, 2019
1 – 5 PM | Downtown Frederick & Baker Park

2019 Garden Descriptions

The Garden of Peter Brehm & Jack Day
318 West College Terrace

Originally designed by a garden professional, this Country style garden has since been enhanced by the homeowners. Boasting an impressive variety of trees, visitors will find an Okame cherry, several types of magnolia, a three-story native holly tree, Japanese Sno-bell, Katsura, Venus dogwood, and Green and Purple ash trees that are being treated to prevent infestation by the Emerald Ash Borer. A treat for the senses, the lush landscape also features over 10,000 spring bulbs and a budding rose garden. Typical of Country style landscaping, the space is also home to a vegetable garden that yields a delicious bounty of home grown flavor. An extension of the homeowners’ living space, the garden invites meandering strolls along a charming brick walkway and lazy afternoons on the patio. An enchanting space filled with myriad fragrances (ask about the viburnum, sweet box and daphne!) and color, this lovely garden is maintained and nurtured by the homeowners.

The Garden of Frank & Mary Anne Cooling
135 East Third Street

The Cooling garden’s main feature is an eye-catching, uniquely shaped fish pond, containing approximately 20 fish of various types, as well as water lilies and other water plant life. The pond is surrounded by various evergreen trees and ferns. Just beyond the pond is a grassy area surrounded by azaleas and shrubs. To the left of the garden is a female holly, surrounded by additional azaleas, annuals and perennials. Beside the holly tree is a small plot with a vibrant roses and a variety of additional perennials.

The Garden of Nyk Englander & Heather O’Neill
307 College Place

This casual yet eclectic garden serves as a pollination station for honey production. Barbecues, hammock lounging, and evenings by the fire pit are also warm-weather favorites. A variety of plant life bloom throughout the seasons, including beech trees, ironwood saplings, cork screw hazel, perennials and annuals for color. A circular pond with a fountain is home to iris, lilies, and fish. A large, winding paver patio leads you to bee hives, where fresh honey is harvested throughout the summer season.

The Garden of Theresa & Doug Gardiner
212 Rockwell Terrace

This modern, yet classic, garden overlooks the heart of Memorial Park. Whether it be a enjoying a leisurely dip in the swimming pool or listening to the Sunday evening Summer Concert Series performances at the Baker Park Band Shell, the Gardiners take great pleasure in sharing the space with family and friends. The garden offers a variety of plant life, including stunning Spirea White Gold, vibrant Japanese Maples, boxwood, and a rich, green 60-year-old Boxwood Fastigiata. Travertine pavers surround the pool area, which features a large fountain. The garden creates the perfect backdrop for warm summer evenings in downtown Frederick.

The Garden of Margaret & Don Hindman
303 College Place

This inviting garden is a wonderful spot to entertain friends and chat with passers-by. Native perennials, which thrive on the sunny side of the backyard, were chosen primarily for their value to birds, bees and butterflies as sources of shelter, food, and breeding sites. Non-native favorites include hydrangeas and azaleas. Dozens of species of native bees gather nectar and pollen from early spring through late fall. It is a special thrill when the monarchs, swallowtails, and other butterflies arrive in mid-summer. Shaded areas that feature ferns and other woodland vegetation surround a large, old silver maple, named county co-champion “Big Tree” in 2015. This garden boasts both bay-wise and pollinator friendly certifications from the Maryland Master Gardner Program.

The Garden of Lisa G. Hammill Arendt & Jeff Arendt
1326 North Market Street

A custom double-leaf gate with window views into the garden welcomes visitors and invites exploration, while a steel arbor protects the tranquility contained within. Gathering places are plentiful in this charming space, and include a bluestone patio reminiscent of Nantucket. Continuing, visitors encounter a bit of Maine-inspired hospitality in the fire pit area with a hand-hammered steel fire bowl and a modern aluminum custom swing structure placed under the canopy of a native giant willow oak. Guests are encouraged to take special note of custom sculptures, as well as unique conversation pieces such as an antique granite cocoa bean crusher from the Hershey Chocolate Factory. The homeowners enjoy evenings spent with wine in hand, enjoying the breeze, listening to the sounds and watching the subtle water waves make their way down the slab into the basin below.

The Garden of Bob & Carol Lewis
301 College Place

Good environmental practices, along with providing food and water for wildlife, are the primary focus of gardening for the Lewis family. Composting and lasagna gardening enrich the soil. Lasagna gardening is a no-dig, no-till organic garden method that results in rich, fluffy soil with minimal work from the gardener. Layers of organic material are added to the garden and “cook down” over time, resulting in a soil that is ideal for plans to thrive. Native plants, milkweed and other flowers can also be found in abundance, attracting Monarch butterflies as well as other pollinators. Side and back porches, and a stone and brick patio, serve as welcoming gathering places for family and neighbors. The family also enjoys the benefits of fresh produce and herbs for their kitchen.

The Garden of Diane Ferren & Tom Meacham
302 Upper College Terrace

This whimsical, cottage garden is nestled in the outskirts of Downtown Frederick. Imagine yourself enjoying a late spring brunch on the patio, or exploring the secret alleyway in this charming space. The garden is ornamented with bluebells and bleeding hearts, and features mature boxwood and a topiary caterpillar. The garden is also adorned with azaleas, rhododendrons, and six Japanese Maples, and is home to larger trees such as a London Plane, Lindens, and a Pin Oak. The family enjoys strolling along the scenic walkway and birdwatching; or simply relaxing after a long day on the patio

The Garden of the Turk Family
22 East Third Street

Many of the best gardens are hidden from view, and this outdoor space is no exception. Just outside the rear kitchen door is a quaint summer porch perfect for viewing the garden, saying a quick hello to neighbors or listening to urban wildlife. The space, designed and built by Oldetowne Landscape Architects, was inspired by the Turk’s love for outdoor dining and entertaining. Large neighboring trees provide a haven for squirrels, which bring a certain life and entertainment to the space. Large Oakleaf Hydrangeas are elevated in the garden by two dry-stacked limestone walls. Mature Crape Myrtle shade a mass bed of Astilbe, and cradles the garden with its weeping bows. In the summer months you can find the homeowners’ grandchildren catching fire flies while hopping from stone to stone through the mosaic of shade plant material. This small garden truly is a hidden gem!

The Healing Garden at Bonita Maas Park
7 West Second Street

A small urban park nestled between historic townhomes; this charming garden is a hidden gem in the landscape of downtown Frederick. Walking through a set of iron gates, visitors will be greeted by a bricked courtyard with sheltering trees and peaceful seating areas. The newest addition to the park is courtesy of Friends of the Child Advocacy Center. With the goal of commemorating children from the Frederick community that have lost their lives due to child abuse, the group is installing a healing garden. The garden will include specially designed, child-friendly whispering benches, as well as memorial pavers. Whispering benches have tubes built in so that someone whispering into the tube on one end of the bench can be heard at the other end. This distinctive park is maintained in partnership by Friends of the Child Advocacy Center and The City of Frederick.

Evangelical Lutheran Church
31 East Church Street

A space equally suitable for quiet contemplation, community fellowship or childish laughter, this garden is open to all who pass by. A part of the Frederick community for over 275 years, the grounds of the church feature numerous memorial gardens supported by members of the congregation. As guests tour the space, plaques identify areas such as the Garden of Love and Faith, Children’s Garden and Forgiveness Garden. Markers, statues and benches provide insight in to the individuals, groups or events being honored in each area. Pieces of the church’s long history can be glimpsed throughout the gardens. A slate roof tile from 1879, salvaged during renovations in 1979, serves as a garden marker for the Serenity Garden. Original tombstones from the 1700’s and early 1800’s can be found in the Meditation Garden and the Garden of Faith. This calming space is tended by a group of volunteers called the Garden Angels.