Celebrate Frederick

Celebrate Frederick: Holiday Art Competition

The Holidays The Holidays

Holiday Art Competition

December 2020
Delaplaine Visual Arts Center, 40 S. Carroll Street
Exhibit Free to Attend

Frederick during the holidays will be on display during the Annual Holiday Art Exhibit at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center. Take in this delightful exhibit in the Gardiner Gallery of original holiday artwork created by local Frederick artists.

From the exhibit submissions, judges will select the winning work of art to be featured for the 2021 “The Holidays” Event Series.  A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the competition winner, and the $100 Barbara Maghan People’s Choice will be awarded to the artist whose piece generates the most engagement in our online gallery.

Interested in participating in the competition?
Click Here or Contact Celebrate Frederick at 301-600-2844.

2019 Competition Winner

Congratulations to Lori Bellavia for taking home the first place Judges’ Prize for her entry, “Holidays on Market”!

The pieces will be on display from Wednesday, December 2nd until Sunday, December 27.
Check The Delaplaine Visual Arts Center Hours here or contact them at 301-698-0656.