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Celebrate Frederick is a private, non-profit corporation [501(c)(3)] working in partnership with the City of Frederick. Its mission: “to plan and implement special events and activities to offer the community a shared cultural experience.”

Eleven events are conducted each year over 29 individual dates by well over 400 volunteers who serve on event planning committees or assist the day of the events. The organization is supported by the City of Frederick Office of Special Events’ staff. The events serve to enhance the quality of life experienced in the City of Frederick and have become an integral part of the community. Most of the events conducted by Celebrate Frederick are free to the public. Those that charge admission, like the Beyond the Garden Gates Garden Tour and Candlelight House Tour, donate funds to a beautification project in the City of Frederick.


In order to allow the events to remain free or low cost, Celebrate Frederick raises corporate sponsorships each year. Sponsors are considered partners and share in the excitement and visibility of the events. The events could not happen without support from the local business community and the in-kind support donated by The City of Frederick through Police and Grounds Maintenance services.


The structure of Celebrate Frederick includes a nineteen-member Board of Directors who set policies and procedures for the organization and the events it encompasses. An Executive Committee meets monthly made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and members of the Board. Directors serve on event planning committees or organizational subcommittees in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Sponsorship and Volunteerism. Each Celebrate Frederick event has its own volunteer committee with a Board Member serving as Chairman. The committee structure includes a chairman, co-chairman , and event sub-chairs. The sub-chairs are responsible for coordinating specific areas of the events. Their duties include phone calls, confirmation letters and line-up schedules. They attend regular monthly meetings and report progress to the overall committee. Each committee member dedicates approximately 50 volunteer hours per event. The events encompass over 100 volunteers who serve on planning committees. Annually that equates to 5,000 volunteer hours donated to Celebrate Frederick.

Ms. Kim McLaughlin Sandi President, Entertainment Committee, Fundraising Committee, Nominating Committee
Ms. Melissa Joseph Muntz Vice President, Governance Committee, In the Street Committee
Ms. Corinne Farenti Secretary, Volunteer Committee, Fundraising Committee
Ms. Sara Baker Treasurer
Mr. Mike Leggieri Vice Treasurer, Governance Committee, Frederick Wine Festival Chair
Dr. David Gurzick Past President [Non-Voting], Frederick Wine Festival Committee, Nominating Committee
Ms. Corinne Farenti Secretary, Volunteer Committee, Fundraising Committee
Ms. Mary Benford Director
Ms. Amanda Johnston Director, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair, Marketing Committee, Scents & Sweets Committee Co-Chair
Ms. Alli Lanham Director, Fundraising Committee Chair
Ms. Natalie Pittore Director, In the Street Committee
Mr. Shawn Sandi Director, Frederick’s 4th Committee, Entertainment Committee
Mr. Derek Shackleford City of Frederick Alderman Liasion
Mr. Eric Smith Director
Ms. Jessica Smith Director, Entertainment Committee Chair
Mr. Eric Wildberger Director, Frederick’s 4th Chair

Interested in serving on the Celebrate Frederick Board of Directors?  Click here or contact Jen Martin at 301-600-2841 or jmartin@cityoffrederick.com