Celebrate Frederick

Celebrate Frederick: Participate

The Holidays The Holidays


Compete in the Art Competition

As the first event in our series of The Holidays in Historic Frederick, all visual artists are invited to compete for the $1,000 prize for best depicting the theme of “The Holidays in Historic Frederick”.

Compete in the Scents and Sweets Competition

The Annual Scents & Sweets Competition is held at the William R. Talley Recreation Center in Downtown Frederick. Both amateurs and professionals alike are invited to participate in this annual event showcasing the holiday season through sight and smell. All Gingerbread and Floral wreath entries should reflect the general mood of “The Holidays”.

March in the Kris Kringle Procession sponsored by FCB Bank

Groups are invited to participate in the annual Kris Kringle Procession. The procession theme, “Holiday Traditions,” compliments our goal of recreating the magic of the ‘old world’ atmosphere during the time of Frederick’s founding.