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Celebrate Frederick: FAQ

Frederick’s 4th – An Independence Day Celebration sponsored by Wawa Frederick’s 4th – An Independence Day Celebration sponsored by Wawa


We have compiled answers to commonly asked questions surrounding Frederick’s 4th.

Scroll down the page or click on a topic below for more information.  If you do not find the answer you were looking for here, feel free to contact Celebrate Frederick at 301-600-2844.

Alcohol & Food Parking Recommendations
ATM Access Pets
Fireworks Rain Policy
First Aid Safety Concerns
Hotel Accommodations Shuttle Services
Information Booths Smoking
Lost & Found Street Closings
Lost Children Tents

Alcohol & Food

Beer, Wine & Spirits Gardens are conveniently located throughout the park for those wishing to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Those visiting the gardens to consume alcoholic beverages should be prepared to show identification. In the Talley Recreation Center Garden, ONLY individuals 21 and older will be permitted. The Carillon Garden and Party in Park Country Stage Garden will permit all ages but those 21 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visitors are not permitted to bring their own alcohol into the park. Animals are not permitted in the beer gardens.

Food is permitted into the park for the event. Don’t forget – Our many food vendors offer a variety of culinary delights from hamburgers to pit beef to snow cones and funnel cakes.

If bringing personal grills, they are permitted in the picnic areas only. Do not dump coals in the park or trash cans. Make sure charcoal is completely out before leaving the premises.

ATM Access

ATMs will NOT be provided at Frederick’s Fourth.
There are multiple ATM’s within walking distance of Baker Park, with several located on the square, at the intersection of Market St. and Patrick St.


The fireworks will be launched at dusk from Parkway Elementary School. Great seats can be found in the park at the following areas:

  • Fleming Avenue Swimming Pool Area
  • Frederick High School Lawn
  • Carillon Area of Baker Park (Band Shell Seating Area view is obstructed)

Although fireworks have proven view able from other locations outside the locations listed above the Frederick’s 4th Committee CANNOT GUARANTEE full visibility of the show.

Restricted Areas
Signs surrounding Parkway Elementary alert visitors where they can and cannot sit in adherence to state mandated fire lines. Police officers will advise visitors if they are inside the fire lines and you will be asked to relocate.

Rain date is Sunday, July 7th
If fireworks are cancelled they will be rescheduled at the close of the Summer Concert Series immediately following July 4th.

First Aid

First aid is located on College Avenue, between W. 2nd Street and Fleming Avenue. Emergency assistance is available at that location. The Frederick County Fire and Rescue Service will provide bike medics during the day to assist those in need. Both the information centers and committee members will have radios in order to contact emergency personnel throughout the park.

Hotel Accommodations

Looking for a great place to stay in Frederick?  Celebrate Frederick highly recommends our local hotels owned and operated by Plamondon Hospitality Partners.  

Information Booth

The information booth will be open throughout the event. In addition to providing information about the event, volunteers will have access to emergency personnel if needed.

  • 10 AM to 7:30 PM – Gazebo Information Booth located along W. Second Street in the Carillon area of the park.

Lost & Found

Event Day
The information booth serves as lost and found collection sites.

Post Event
Found items not claimed will be taken to The City of Frederick Office of Special Events, William Talley Recreation Center, 121 North Bentz St, 301-600-2844. All items will be kept for thirty days.

Lost Children

If your child is lost, please report immediately to the information booth or any event day volunteer. All will have access to promptly contact emergency personnel throughout the park.

Parking Recommendations

There will be limited parking on side streets surrounding the park. In depth parking and event advisories will be posted by the Frederick City Police Department.

Parking Decks
Church St, Court Street, W. Patrick St, and Carroll Creek Parking Decks. The decks provide ample parking and are a short walk from the park. All parking decks are free for the 4th of July holiday.

Due to construction parking will be LIMITED at Frederick High School, located at 650 Carroll Parkway. Cost is $5, with proceeds benefiting the Frederick High School Sports Boosters.

Handicap parking has been reserved along Second Street just west of College Avenue and the intersection of West College Terrace. This parking will be clearly marked and accessible to those individuals who need easier access to the event.


A city ordinance (Ch 3 , Article II, Sec. 3-26.2) prohibits dogs at the Frederick’s 4th – An Independence Day Celebration.

Rain Policy

Frederick’s 4th is a rain or shine event.  The activities and entertainment may stop during a storm, but are scheduled to resume once a storm passes. Please use common sense when seeking shelter from the storm – don’t stand under trees. Weather updates will be posted on our main Frederick’s 4th page, via local media outlets and our social media accounts.

Safety Concerns

Please report any suspicious or inappropriate activity to one of the information booths or any event day volunteer. All will have access to promptly contact law enforcement and emergency personnel throughout the park. If you experience a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.

Shuttle Services

Please note – no shuttle service will be provided this year. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


A city ordinance (Chapter 6, Article III, Sec 6-9) prohibits smoking in several park locations. Violators will be cited with a Municipal Citation and face a fine of $25. The event areas are:

  • Any playground within a City park and any point within 10 ft surrounding the playground
  • The fixed seating area adjacent to the Baker Park band shell.

A city ordinance (Section 10-2 City Code) finds the throwing cigarette butts on the ground as a Municipal Infraction. Violators will face a fine of $50 and possibly be charged with the cost of clean-up.

Street Closings

The following streets will be closed to vehicle traffic during the event:

  • W. 2nd St. between N. Bentz Street and College Avenue
  • Carroll Parkway between N. Bentz Street and College Avenue
  • College Avenue between W. 2nd Street and Carroll Parkway
  • Upper College Terrace between Fleming Avenue and W. 2nd Street
  • W. College Terrace between W. 2nd Street and Carroll Parkway
  • All of Fleming Avenue

Please note Carroll Parkway between College Avenue and N. Jefferson Street will be closed to FOOT traffic the entire day.

For a full Frederick Police Department Frederick’s 4th Special Order click here


Tents and large beach-type umbrellas visually impede other visitors’ view of the entertainment. These items are discouraged. You may be asked to take down your tent or umbrella if it is blocking others’ view.