Celebrate Frederick

Celebrate Frederick: Food

Frederick’s 4th Frederick’s 4th


Funnel Cakes, Italian Sausage, SnoCones, Pizza, Pit Beef, Lemonade … shall I go on?

Food and drink will not be in any shortage during the celebration! Grab a bite to eat or drink at one of our various food vendors.

Second Street

Vendor Menu Item(s)
 Gil’s Pit Beef Pit Beef, Pork, or Turkey Sandwich & Sides | Beefy Beans |Green Beans | Maryland style White Corn | Gil’s Slaw | Beef Tips in BBQ sauce | Plain Baked Potato | Loaded Baked Potato with Beefy Beans & Cheddar | French Fry Basket | Fresh Baked Cookie or Chips | Water & Soda
Kona Ice Italian Ice
Leisure Time Soft Serve Ice Cream Gazebo | Corn Dogs | Funnel Cakes | Fried Oreos | Lemonade, Tea and Bottled Water
Roy’s Concessions Italian Sausage | Steak & Cheese | Chicken Tenders | Bratwurst |Kielbasa | Hot Dog | Cheeseburger | Fish n’ Chips | Veggie Burger | Fresh Cut Fries | Sweet Potato Fries | Pork BBQ | Onion rings | Bottled Soda and Water
Sherri’s Crab Cakes Crab Cake Sandwich | Crab Cake Platter |Cream of Crap Soup | Lemonade and  Iced Tea
 Thai Thai Chicken Skewers | Veggie Fried Rice | Veggie Lo Mein | Veggie Spring Roll | Veggie Pad Thai | Combination Plate | Smoothies | Lemonade | Soda
T.J. International Shaved Ice | Pancakes | Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Iced Tea, Soda and Water
Wingz ‘n Thingz Wings | Specialty Wings | Burgers | Hot Dogs | Sweet Tea & Lemonade.
Yummy Food Corner and Grill Chicken Teriyaki | Pad Thai | Veggie Fried Rice | Veggie Lo Mein | Yakisoba| Chicken Yakitori| Egg Rolls | Corn Dogs | Smoothies, Lemonade and Thai Tea


Fleming Avenue

Vendor Menu Item(s)
Asian Taste Chicken Teryaki | Chicken Bourbon | Veg. Fried Rice | Veg. Fried Yakisoba | Pad Thai | Veg. Egg Roll & Corn Dogs | Lemonade, Thai Tea, Water and Soda
Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Ice Cream | Brownie Sundaes | Milk Shakes | Freeze Drinks | Blast Drinks | Bottle Water | Cans of Soda
Leisure Time  Soft Serve Ice Cream
Mac Brand Foods  Sausage | Cheesesteak | Hamburger | Hot Dog | Corn Dogs | Chicken Tenders | Fried Pickles | Fries | Fried Mac & Cheese | Pretzels | Funnel Cakes and Deep Fried Candy | Lemonade
Randy’s Candies Jumbo Fresh Soft Pretzels | Peanuts | Snack Mixes |  Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Water and Soda
 My Thai Chicken Wings | Thai Chicken BBQ | Fried Fish | French Fries | Mango Sticky Rice | Chive Dumpling | Curry Puff | Spring Rolls | Curry Fried Rice | Pad Thai | Singapore Noodles | Lo Mein | Thai Iced Tea, Thai Coffee, Strawberry Lemonade and Mango Lemonade
Sara Festivals  Gyro | Italian or Polish Sausage |Falafel | Hummus | Beef Hot Dog | Hand Dipped Corn Dog | Fresh Cut Fries | Funnel Cake and Fried Oreos | Fresh Lemonade | Fresh Brewed Iced tea | Smoothies | Bottled Water and Soda  
Sarin Grill Grilled Chicken on a Stick | Fried Rice | Lo Mein | Pad Thai Noodles | Drunken Noodles | Egg Roll | Soda and Water
The Snowball Experience Snow Cones
Uncle Moe’s Soul Food   Fish | Chicken Tenders | Jerk Chicken | Chicken Wings | Burgers | Italian Sausage | Hot Dog | Fries | Greens | Mac and Cheese | Red Bean and Rice | Shrimp | Cole Slaw | Wraps | Water and Soda
Wild Bill’s Soda Classic Mug | Barrel Mug | Insulated Mug | T-shirt | Mug Clip | Hat

Carillon Area

Vendor Menu Item(s)
Leisure Time Corn Dogs | Funnel Cakes and Fried Oreos | Lemonade, Tea and Bottled Water


Interested in being a food vendor at Frederick’s 4th – An Independence Day Celebration?  Click here.



For additional information, contact the Hailey Johnson, Office of Special Events at 301-600-2844 or hjohnson@cityoffrederick.com.